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WARNING: If you for some reason speak Akkadian, you will notice some appauling translations here. Sorry.

4 (mentioned), 5
First appearance
a while after the events of "Swan Song"
many, see powers section.
Appeared In
13 episodes
The Winchester Family (enemy)

The Holmes Family (enemy)
Heaven (enemy)
Hell (enemy)

Scarlett Holmes (enemy, host)
Sleepy Hollow, West Virginia
The Void (formerly)
Portrayed by
Kristen Bell (possesing Scar)

Dean: "Bring her back, please."
“She”: "I couldn’t even if I had the inclination, Dean, she’s gone. This body is an echo, a shell, nothing more."
Dean: "I don’t believe you. She's in there somwhere."
“She”: "That’s not my problem."
Dean begging for “She” to bring Scar back

“She” is the name that the Holmes Family as well as their allies gave to an mysterious being that slowly hollowed out and took over the body of Scar Holmes during late Season 5.

Little is known about where she came from originally or why she actually came to Earth other than what was said to Dean by “She” herself, and the four words of a vague Babylonian tablet; “ayyabtu elû abātu negmimma”, menaing she arrives from (or runs from) nothing.

“She” has only said that she came form what could only be described as a “void”. It is suggested that, as she has no soul, she planned to destroy the world for the sake of it. Another suggestion, based on testimony from Scarlett about the “void”, that she was quite possibly jealous of the Earth and its people as she had lived with complete nothingness.

She was first mentioned in late season 4, when Evana Holmes found a prophesy in another set of scans of a set of Babylonian tablets while looking for stuff about Lilith. She originally believed she had found a passage about Lilith rising, until she realised it was talking in the future tence about a date, when sent to an expert was approximately a year away.

“She” wouldn’t be mentioned again until her sudden awakening, which was unsuccesfully attemped to be averted by Scarlett Holmes, who ended up being marked as her “host”.


Season 4 (mentioned)Edit

Evana: "It’s a section of a Babylonian tablet, it says “ayyabtu elû ammânu ekletu šarāqu balāṭu attû erṣutu”"
Dean: "What does that mean, it might shock you Eva, but I don’t speak Babylonian."
Evana: "It means “She rises from darkness to steal the life of the earth”, I think this is Lillith, but it’s rather odd, as it uses “ekletu” as in “darkness” or “dark conditioning” rather than “irkallu” or “irkalla” which is the more common way of saying “hell” or “underworld”. Very strange."
Dean: "Why is this important"
Evana: "It’s facinating. Plus there may be an exorcism somwhere if you’d let me translate."
Evana and Dean on the tablet.

Due to Eva Holmes’ extensive knowlegde of theology, Dean asked her to try to find out anything more about Lilith she could with her resources.

Season 5Edit

Death of Scarlett HolmesEdit

Rise to PowerEdit

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"Eva Holmes, tell me–– has being a hero been worth it I mean, you know that they say, a hero is just someone who gets people killed, and you certainly have a flair for that, don’t you? Let’s see, your husband, your pathetic sister who is now my meat-suit, your mother and if I recall you” [laughs] “you caused your brother to get himself killed to save you. Being your friend rather seems to be a death sentence, doesn’t it. "
“She” taunting Eva about her family.