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Billie Jane North
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The ability to heal herself of any injury and heal others before the point of death.
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49 episodes
  • Drew Rosen (foster/adoptive father)
  • Jessica North (paternal grandmother) †
  • Johnathan North (paternal grandfather) †
  • Thomas North (father) †
  • Marie North (mother) †
  • Poppy North (aunt)
  • Claudia North (great aunt)
  • James North (great uncle)
  • Joyce North (paternal great-grandmother) †
  • Grayson North (paternal great-grandfather)
  • Other various cousins (relatives)
  • Sawyer Hawkins (doppelganger)
Chicago, Illinois
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"I’m Billie North, who the fuck are you?"
— Billie North to a demon

Billie Jane North (born 9th December 1994) is the daughter of Thomas and Marie North, and the sister of Adele North who was presumed dead; she was in fact turned into a vampire. She would have brought up in a prominent family of hunters and trained into the life from birth, however she was taken into care when her family home was burnt to the ground by a clan of vampires, which Billie only survived because of her healing powers. Billie only discovered her powers when she was seven and a girl at her care home badly hit her head, when Billie touched her she was oaky; the adults, not knowing what was going on, passed her on to a new home.

Billie is immortal, Even if she technically dies, her body heals and she wakes up with her memories intact. Billie spent a lot of her young life wondering why she had such powers, as clearly it wasn’t a genetic thing; she later found out that she was immortal because of a god given destiny to make the apocalypse more ‘winnable’ for Michael. As a rather defiant being, Billie had trouble believing in destiny, and so when she met Sam and Dean Winchester. She joined their fight to stop the apocalypse as well as Michael and Lucifer’s showdown.