Biokinesis, also known as Vitakinesis, or Morbikinesis, is the psi power to manipulate organic matter with the mind. A biokinetic is a powerful healer, though these powers also have dark side uses. A biokinetic can kill a person by causing their body to be ridden with tumors, give a person a heart attack, a stroke, or shut down a persons every bodily function. A biokinetic can alter a persons DNA, and even alter another living creatures genetic code. A biokinetic can alter his or her own body as well, making their own skin as hard as steel, or make their own body as flexible as rubber. They can increase their own physical attributes dramatically, and spontaneously heal even potentially fatal wounds. However, messing up can have negative side effects. A biokinetic can cure even the deadliest of diseases in both himself/herself, and others. A biokinetic is immune to the effects of cariekinesis, and can even turn a cariekinetic's abilities back onto them. A biokinetic can simulate the effects of cariekinesis, but only to affect a living being.