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Jeremy Gilbert
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  • 1994
  • Alive (Resurrected)
  • Male
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Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Broken neck (1st and 4th time)
  • Drained of blood (2nd time)
  • Gunshot wound (3rd time)
  • Dessication Spell (5th time)
  • Stabbed through the neck (6th time)
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"Save the teaching moment, Elena's not here. You don't have to pretend to give a damn about me."
—Jeremy to Damon in Catch Me If You Can

Jeremy Gilbert is the adoptive brother and biological cousin of Elena Gilbert, he is a medium, and is a part of The Five. Prior to the beginning of the series, his parents died in a tragic car accident that Elena managed to survive thanks to a vampire, Stefan Salvatore. As a way of coping with the accident, he started dealing and using drugs but soon stopped after the death of his first girlfriend,Vicki Donovan, supposedly because of an overdose. He overdosed on pills after drinking vampire blood in the hope of becoming a vampire and being able to turn off the emotions. He did this following the death of his second girlfriend, Anna. However his attempt failed and the blood healed the damage the pills did.

He started a romantic relationship with Bonnie Bennett which ended after he kissed Anna. Jeremy was shot by Sheriff Forbes after Damon dodged the bullet and was revived by Bonnie, who is a witch and has connections to dead witches with the power to bring him back. However the spell that caused him to be revived gave him the power to see ghosts and he was haunted by Vicki and Anna. He later went to live with family friends in Denver, after being compelled by Klaus to stand in front of a speeding car. Elena feared for his safety and got Damon to compel him to leave. He returned to Mystic Falls after Elena and Damon went to get him once Klaus found out where he was.

His best friend is Matt Donovan.


Early life Edit

Jeremy was born to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert in Mystic Falls on November 11, 1994. The two had always wanted a child but adopted a baby girl, Elena, two years prior to that, believing it impossible. As a young teenager, Jeremy was gifted with the talent to draw, however after both of his parents died, Jeremy became severely depressed and started using drugs and drinking continuously. He also started a sexual relationship with Vicki Donovan, although she later broke up with him and started dating Tyler Lockwood.

Season OneEdit


Jeremy was taking drugs, which he is seen sharing with Vicki Donovan, with whom he had a sexual relationship over the summer. He was also a major alcoholic, which was hard on Elena. Jeremy had feelings for Vicki though she kept turning him away in favour of Tyler, who had no true feelings for her. Vicki, who had been turned into a vampire by Damon, was staked and killed by Stefan. Elena, worried about Jeremy's happiness, gets Damon to compel Jeremy to forget about Vicki's death. Alaric, Jeremy's new history teacher, got him to write a paper to improve his grades. At the library he met Anna who claimed she was home-schooled. After kissing her, he sees her face change. Suspicious, he searches "vampires" online. He invites Anna to his house and when they're cooking, he cuts his hand purposefully. After taunting her, she drinks his blood but stops when Jenna arrives home. She comes back and asks why he would confront her and he says he wants her to turn him. into a vampire.


Caroline Forbes discovers the remains of Vicki's body in the woods and Anna realizes Jeremy only wanted to turn to be with Vicki. After he confronts her about how she was just using him when they met, they begin dating. She didn't talk to him for a while following her mother's death. He comforts her. Anna gives Jeremy some of her blood, telling him if he wants to turn, he can leave town with her. He says he can't. Anna later finds him at The Grill, knowing he's in danger of being killed by the tomb vampires as he's a founding families member. She reacts to the device and several deputies find her and take her away. Damon shows up at Jeremy's that night and informs him that Anna's dead. Damon apologizes for taking away his memories of Vicki but offers to do the same for Anna. Jeremy says there's still a hole in his heart, he just doesn't remember why anymore. However, wanting the pain to go away, he drinks Anna's blood and takes some of Elena's pills from after the accident. He then lay down and closed his eyes.

Season TwoEdit

File:VD 0089.jpg

Jeremy's attempts to become a vampire failed because he didn't take enough pills to kill him and the blood he took was healed him. After Stefan checks on Jeremy to make sure that he is not a vampire, John gives Jeremy his ring before leaving town. After being rejected by Elena, Damon kills Jeremy but the ring brings him back. Jeremy later threatens to expose Damon's secret, but Damon warns him that the ring will not save him.

When Damon arrives home he finds Jeremy in the house with a wooden stake in his hand. Jeremy informs him that he put vervain in the drink. Damon asks him why, Jeremy says he was going to kill him, but he abandons his plans saying that killing him will not solve anything.


After a while, Template:Elena tells Jeremy that Mason Lockwood is a werewolf but asks him not to get involved. She explains that it is dangerous and asks him to stay away. At the Mystic Grill, Sarah and Aimee are playing pool when Sarah admits that she finds Jeremy attractive. Jeremy approaches Template:Tyler and asks how he is. Tyler thanks him for being "cool" at his father's wake and Jeremy explains that he understands how Tyler feels. Aimee arrives to go home with Tyler, and Tyler invites Jeremy and Sarah to join them. Later, Sarah and Aimee are dancing and drinking at Tyler's house.

Sarah spots Jeremy's sketchbook and asks to have a look. She finds lots of drawings of "demon wolf-like things", while Jeremy closely observed Tyler. Tyler, sensing sensing that Jeremy's testing his reaction from the images, uncomfortably asks what the pictures are about. Jeremy asks if Tyler still draws, and Template:Tyler offers to show him something he is working on in the other room. When they move through, Tyler shuts the door and slams Jeremy up against the wall asking why he drew pictures of werewolves. "I know what you are" Jeremy tells him.


He asks how Jeremy knows about the werewolves, and Jeremy explains that his ancestor wrote about a curse running in the Lockwood Family in his journal. Tyler admits that Mason is a werewolf, but explains that he is not one yet. He reveals that you have to cause death to become a werewolf. Jeremy asks if Mason returned to tell him this, but Tyler reveals that he had to force the information out of him. "He's not here for me," he says. "He's here for this." He shows Jeremy the moonstone. Later, he explains that the moonstone is a natural rock which is supposed to have supernatural legends attached to it.

Jeremy asks why he didn't give the stone to Mason, and Tyler admits that he doesn't trust his uncle. Suddenly, Aimee and Sarah arrive and steal the stone, teasing the boys with it. Template:Tyler says he will play for a bit but asks for them to give it back. Aimee, who is drunk, grabs the stone and runs upstairs with it, asking for Jeremy to follow. Template:Tyler climbs up after her and tussles with her, but all of a sudden Sarah falls down the stairs. She lays at the bottom, not moving, and Template:Tyler and Jeremy exchange worried glances, thinking she might be dead. However, Sarah suddenly opens her eyes and tells them: "Fooled you."


In Plan B, Jeremy arrives at the Salvatore house and asks to speak to Damon. Damon initially refuses to listen. However, Jeremy explains that Tyler Lockwood isn't a werewolf yet because he hasn't activated the curse and adds that Mason is looking for a moonstone. Damon is intrigued, and Jeremy explains that he knows where the stone is. "I just want to help", he adds. He admits that Elena doesn't know about this. "Your search for life's purpose is as obvious as it is tragic" Damon tells him.

At the Salvatore House, Alaric arrives and asks what Jeremy is doing there. Jeremy explains that he found out about the moonstone. Alaric reveals that he has Isobel's research from Duke and explains that the werewolf curse is sealed with the moonstone. He adds that Mason might think he can use the moonstone to unseal the curse. Jeremy explains that Tyler has the moonstone and claims that he will be able to get it. "Now your life has purpose", Damon tells him. Damon arrives at the Lockwood house and tells Elena that Jeremy is helping him out.


Elena finds Jeremy and tells him that whoever helps Damon ends up dead. "I want you to stay out of it," she says. However, Jeremy explains that he is in this mess because of her and tells her that she can't tell him what to do. Meanwhile, Damon is shocked when Stefan tells him about Katherine and Mason. He suggests that Katherine must be using Mason, adding: "That's the beauty of Katherine - always up to something." He explains that Jeremy is getting the moonstone.

In the Mystic Grill, Jeremy approaches Tyler. He asks if he can have another look at the moonstone, claiming that he has been doing some research on it. Tyler reveals that he has given it to Mason. Back at the Salvatore house, Damon is using a hot poker to torture Mason for information about Katherine and the moonstone. Jeremy arrives with a plant and explains that it is sometimes called wolfsbane.

He adds that mythology suggests that it is toxic to werewolves. Damon takes the plant and holds it up against Mason's cheek (burning his skin). When Mason suggests that Damon is jealous of his relationship with Katherine, Damon stuffs the wolfsbane into Mason's mouth.


Jeremy looks on uncomfortably. He tells Damon that Mason would have spoken by now but Damon continues to torture him. Eventually Mason reveals that Katherine is going to use the moonstone to lift the werewolf curse so that he doesn't have to turn anymore. He adds that she is going to do it because she loves him. "She's using you, you moron", Damon tells him. Mason says that he is done talking and Damon agrees, telling Jeremy to go for a walk. Jeremy refuses and tells Damon not to hurt Mason anymore. Damon grabs him by throat and says: "Here it is. Kill or be killed". The guy's a werewolf - he will kill me the first chance he's got, so suck it up or leave. He wants me to kill him anyway, don't you Mason? It really is a curse, isn't it?" Jeremy leaves.

Elena is at home and asks where Jeremy is. Alaric explains that he went to his room because he wasn't hungry. Later, at the hospital, Elena tells Jeremy that the doctors said Jenna will be alright and admits that Jenna doesn't remember anything because of Katherine's compulsion. She explains that Katherine was trying to send a message and Jeremy tells her it's going to be okay. As they hug, Elena replies: "No it's not." However, Jeremy says: "She's going to pay, Elena. I don't know how, but she's going to pay."

In Masquerade, Jeremy is seen with Caroline, Bonnie, Stefan, and Damon as they prepare to kill Katherine at the Masquerade ball. Jeremy agrees to help and he assists Bonnie while Stefan, Damon and Caroline deal with Katherine. Jeremy is seen striking up a conversation with Bonnie about her abilities and says they are cool. Jeremy is then seen asking what kind of spells Bonnie can do and even asks her if he can dance with her while they wait, to which Bonnie replies "no." Damon then sends Jeremy a message and tells him to do his part. Jeremy tells Katherine that Damon and Stefan have the moonstone and want to see her by the lake. When asked why he is their messenger, Jeremy replies "Because they know I am not afraid of you."


When Katherine is seen fighting with Damon and Stefan it is revealed that her friend Lucy has cast a spell linking her and Elena together so that whatever happens to Katherine will also happen to Elena. Elena shows up at the party and Jeremy and Bonnie notice that she is bleeding and being hurt, so Jeremy runs up to the room where Damon and Stefan are fighting with Katherine so he can tell them to stop, because they are hurting Elena.

Jeremy is later seen with Bonnie asking her if she wants a ride home. Bonnie jokingly asks when he got his license. Jeremy laughs and says that he is not a kid anymore and Bonnie says yes, so he takes her home. It seems as though Bonnie and Jeremy are developing feelings for each other.


In Rose, it is Jeremy who helps Stefan figure out that Elena has been kidnapped saying "It's cool that you guys are back together but if Elena's gonna stay over, I need to know so I can cover for her." Jeremy also helps Stefan and Damon figure out where Elena is being held by letting Bonnie use his blood. Later Bonnie is up in his bedroom with him and they send a message to Elena, telling her Stefan and Damon are on their way.

The message drains a lot of power from Bonnie and causes her to faint and Jeremy has to care for her. When Elena finally gets home Jeremy is relieved showing that whatever problems he had with her and her secrets are all over.


In Katerina, Bonnie is in the School parking lot then she drops her books. Jeremy helps pick up the books and then asks her if she wanted to play billiards at the grill (showing that he really does like her). Bonnie agrees and then a new guy asks them if they know where the office is.

Jeremy introduced Bonnie and himself to the new kid who is named Luka. Jeremy ends up taking Luka up to the office.

In the Mystic Grill Jeremy comes over to Bonnie who is with Luka and Jonas and then escorts Bonnie to the billiard table and they start playing pool. The date is then hijacked by Luka, whom Bonnie finds out is a warlock . Jeremy is jealous of Bonnie's new-found relationship with Luka and leaves the Grill.


In The Sacrifice, Jeremy is seen with Stefan, Damon and Bonnie who are preparing to take the moonstone from Katherine. Bonnie takes a picture that belongs to Katherine and turns it to ash so they can blow the ash on Katherine which will knock her out for a minute or so. When Jeremy realizes that Bonnie is going to try and release the spell over the tomb that is holding Katherine, he becomes worried and tells Bonnie she could get hurt because she is not strong enough.

Bonnie insists that she will be okay, but Jeremy takes some of the ash behind Bonnie's back and goes to the tomb alone. Jeremy tries to get the moonstone out of the tomb, but Katherine stops him before he can leave, and bites him on the neck so she can feed.


Bonnie and Stefan appear and find Jeremy being held captive by Katherine. Bonnie attempts to lower the barrier over the tomb, but passes out again. Katherine attempts to feed on Jeremy again, and Stefan rushes into the tomb to save him, and gets trapped himself. Jeremy heads home with Bonnie and the two start arguing.Bonnie asks Jeremy why he had to get involved. Jeremy said that he wanted to protect her.

Bonnie says that Jeremy can't feel that way about her. Jeremy attempts to kiss Bonnie, but she says that she can't. Bonnie then goes out the back door of the house leaving Jeremy alone. When Damon arrives at the house with Elena Jeremy informs them of what happened to Stefan.


In By The Light of the Moon, it still shows that Jeremy has still strong feelings for Bonnie after he tried to kiss her. Jeremy comes in as Bonnie says she needs some coffee and she places the moonstone in her bag before leaving. Jeremy asks Elena why she’s on some suicide mission. With nobody around, Elena takes the moonstone and heads downstairs, telling Bonnie she’s going to visit Stefan.

Bonnie blocks her, as Jeremy says the moonstone’s gone. Elena reminds her Klaus is coming and she can’t allow him to harm her family and friends. Elena finds her front door has been blocked by a seal. Bonnie tells her it’s for the best.

Jeremy gives Bonnie a huge smile because their plan worked. Damon tells Jeremy, Bonnie’s dealing with the moonstone, as he’s on ‘Elena Patrol’ and Caroline’s with Tyler. Damon tells Jeremy to keep an eye on Elena, as he leaves. When Elijah is invited in, Elena runs up to Jeremy's room and bangs on the door but Jeremy is listening to music, then goes to answer his door, and asks Elena "What is it?".

In Daddy Issues, At Recent Victims Memorial Jeremy sees Bonnie talking with Jonas Martin which seems to be upsetting her, he comes up and interrupts their conversation and walks away with her. Later he is seen at Mystic Grill restaurant with Bonnie having a good time.

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In Crying Wolf, he is seen coming into the Mystic Grill after Bonnie rang him, and started talking to Caroline, she tells him Bonnie is over there with Luka. "She's giving him a sex smile" - Caroline, "Alright Caroline, I get it." - Jeremy. Jeremy is shown to be jealous about Bonnie and Luka and Caroline can see the way Jeremy feels about Bonnie. After Bonnie has done a powerful spell on Luka, Jeremy rushes over to take Luka back to Caroline's house.

When they get into Caroline's house, they find candles so Bonnie can do the spell. When Caroline was going to get the matches, Bonnie lit the candles then Caroline said "Come on that's pretty hot.".


Bonnie asks Jeremy if he could get her a bowl of water, then Caroline pushes out Bonnie's feelings for Jeremy. When Bonnie is asking questions for Luka, he brings up the Sacrifice of Elena and Jeremy just says "No" and shakes his head. When Caroline is taking Luka back to the Mystic Grill, Bonnie and Jeremy are left in the house by themselves and all of Bonnie's feelings for Jeremy start to come pouring out. Bonnie says she's known him forever through the good and the bad times. She also says "And over night you turned into this hot guy who's really sweet an -" but then gets interrupted by Jeremy saying "You think I'm hot?". Then the two share a very passionate kiss.

In The Dinner Party, Jeremy goes into the Grill and sees Bonnie sitting on a table by herself and asks "What are you doing?" and Bonnie says "thinking about last night and the spell". Jeremy is upset that Bonnie doesn't say anything about their kiss last night. Then Luka comes over and Jeremy tells him to back off because he was interrogating Bonnie about last night. Jeremy then asks if Bonnie if she wanted to go over to his house. Later on in the episode Bonnie comes over to the Gilbert House to practice a spell, but then when she walks into the house there are lots of candles lit, she is slightly hesitant, thinking it's a date. But Jeremy finally agrees that it'll just be time to work on some spells. They practice a spell with fire then Jeremy asks if she can practice on
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him because the human body is mostly water. Jeremy was helping Bonnie to enhance her channeling ability. So Bonnie puts her hand on Jeremy's chest, they both smile. But then Jonas breaks in and in anger he takes away her powers and threatens her that "she'll answer to him if any harm comes to his son". Meanwhile, Jeremy is put up against a wall by Jonas' powers. Jonas threatens Bonnie then leaves the house. Bonnie starts crying because her powers are gone and Jeremy comforts her in his arms.

In The House Guest, Stefan informs Jeremy and Bonnie that Katherine is back. When Stefan leaves, Jeremy tries to kiss Bonnie but Bonnie is concerned that people might see. But she quickly kisses Jeremy and says she will tell Elena soon. Then at the Mystic Grill Bonnie tells Elena about her and Jeremy and Elena approves. Back at home, Bonnie admits that she feels bad that Luka died but Jeremy says that he doesn't. Bonnie adds that she hated not being able to help. Upstairs, Jeremy admits that he is worried about Bonnie because the only witch who could have given her back her powers is dead. However, Bonnie reveals that when Jonas grabbed her, he returned her powers. She adds that Jonas wants her to kill Klaus and Jeremy replies: "Did he include a how?" Bonnie reveals that he did and kisses Jeremy.

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In Know Thy Enemy, Jeremy, Bonnie and Damon go to the Martins' house to pick up the grimoires. Bonnie works with Jeremy and Damon in order to find the spell they will need to gather the power of the witches killed in the massacre. Damon takes them to the site where the witches were burned. Damon knew where it was because he had tried to save Emily, but only because she was the key to getting Katherine back. Inside the house on the site of the massacre,Damon finds that he cannot move and tells Bonnie that if this is a prank it's not funny. His ring then stops working and he begins to burn. He tells Bonnie to help and she closes her eyes and starts muttering a spell. Damon is able to move again and Bonnie tells him that she doesn't think that the witches like him being there. He exited the house. Then Bonnie called the witches and soon after she got a lot of power. Jeremy is worried about Bonnie after getting all the power from the witches. Later, Bonnie and Jeremy are at Elena's house when Jeremy reads the warning the witches gave to Bonnie and is upset because if Bonnie uses too much power she will die. He asks her how much power she will need to kill an Original and Bonnie tells him that she needs all of it. She tells him that if she dies it was to save Elena, him, and everybody else.

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In The Last Dance, you see Jeremy and Bonnie walk into the lunch hall and Jeremy confronts Bonnie saying "Do you think Elena knows what it's going to take for you to do that Klaus spell?" Then Jeremy reminds Bonnie that this power could kill her. Then Elena walks in and he leaves. At the school dance Jeremy confronts Bonnie again on why she wants to kill herself for Elena and they are overheard by Damon. Jeremy goes to Stefan for help and Stefan tells Elena. After his conversation with Stefan, Jeremy is attacked by people Klaus compelled. When Bonnie pretends to die and Elena's holding her in her arms she says "No. Jeremy. Oh, my God, Jeremy. What about Jeremy?". Damon finds Jeremy and tells him everything about Bonnie, he goes to where Bonnie is being kept safe. He strokes her on the cheek and starts to light candles. When Bonnie wakes she hugs him and he promises to stay there with her.

He appears back on episode The Sun Also Rises. Over at the old witches' house, Jeremy and Bonnie look through the Grimoires to find a way of stopping Elena becoming a vampire. Meanwhile, Elijah, Alaric and Stefan arrive to speak to Bonnie. Elijah explains that the sacrifice will happen in stages - the werewolf will be killed, then the vampire, and then the doppelgänger. He says that once Elena dies, the curse will be broken and Klaus will become a hybrid. However, this will also be when Klaus is weakest and Bonnie will be able to deliver him to the brink of death. Elijah says he will finish the job. Inside, Jeremy reveals that he thinks he's found a spell that might help and decides to ask Stefan to bring Jonathan Gilbert's journals for more information. Alaric appears and asks to speak to Jeremy alone. He explains that Jenna has been taken. Bonnie casts the spell on John and Damon, Bonnie and Elijah leave for the sacrifice. Jeremy wants to accompany them, but Bonnie kisses him and casts a spell to make him pass out. Meanwhile, Jeremy asks John if he read everything about the spell and knows what happened to the mother after the child was brought back to life. John admits that he does and adds that he has saved his daughter and found peace. He hands Jeremy a letter and his ring, asking him to give them to Elena. Alaric is unsure what is going on but hears Damon and Elena return. Damon puts Elena on a couch and tells her that if she comes back as a vampire he'll stake her himself. Alaric and Jeremy appear and ask about Elena. Damon is forced to tell them both that Jenna was killed. As they gather, John quietly leaves the house. Elena wakes up and admits that she feels fine. Outside, John collapses on the ground, dead. Later, Elena gets ready for John and Jenna's funeral. Jeremy arrives and hands her John's letter and ring. Elena apologizes to him that he has lost so many people, but Jeremy tells Elena that he still has her. They hug sadly and Jeremy leaves.

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In As I Lay Dying, the episode opens with Elena watching Jeremy sleeping. Later, Jeremy and Elena arrive at a special outdoor screening of Gone With The Wind. Jeremy is unconvinced but Elena explains that they need to keep living normal lives until Jenna's death isn't so hard to deal with. Caroline arrives with picnic food and tries to keep their spirits up. Alaric calls Jeremy, who is at the Gone With The Wind screening with Bonnie and Caroline. Jeremy admits that Elena went to see Damon and Alaric warns that he's in bad shape and the cops are after him. He advises Jeremy to get Elena somewhere safe if he finds her. Bonnie tells Jeremy to wait behind, but Jeremy refuses, saying that for once they can't stop him from getting involved.

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Jeremy finds Damon and helps him into the Mystic Grill. Inside, Jeremy calls someone to tell them they are at the Grill. Liz arrives and shoots at Damon, but he rushes off quickly and the bullet hits Jeremy. Liz is shocked and, at that moment, Caroline and Bonnie arrive. Bonnie points out that Jeremy's ring won't work because he was hurt by a human, not a supernatural creature. Caroline feeds Jeremy her blood - much to her mother's shock - but it doesn't work. Bonnie realizes that she knows what to do and takes him away with Alaric, who has just arrived. Alaric and Bonnie take Jeremy to the witches' house and Bonnie tries to use the power of the old witches to revive Jeremy. She casts a spell but begins to worry as the other witches are angry at her for returning and don't want to help. She says there will be consequences, and Alaric tells her to get them to shut up as Jeremy is just a kid. Bonnie continues to cast the spell but her nose begins to bleed and she sobs. She calls to Emily, begging her to help as she loves Jeremy. However, the candles go out. Bonnie sobs as she believes Jeremy is dead for good, but then he wakes up. Bonnie hugs him and thanks Emily for helping.

Jeremy returns home and searches on the internet for "back from the dead". Bonnie speaks to him on webcam and he admits that he feels weird, but Bonnie points out that he has just been brought back from the dead and it's bound to feel strange. She jokes that he can thank her "tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that". They say good night and Alaric appears, explaining that he's going to head off. However, seeing how Jeremy looks, he decides to stay the night. Jeremy thanks him for everything he has done.
However, Alaric teases Jeremy by revealing that he overheard Bonnie's suggestion that he thanks her "tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that".

The episode ends with Jeremy, who believes he has heard a sound. He thinks it is Alaric, but as he looks over the stairs, someone appears behind him. They soon disappear again. He walks downstairs but is shocked to see Anna standing in the kitchen. When he turns around, Vicki is standing there.

Season ThreeEdit

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In The Birthday, back in Mystic Falls, we find out that Jeremy's been working at the Mystic Grill, where we find out that Bonnie's away with family but is staying in touch with Jeremy on the phone. But he hangs up when the lights start flickering, and then Vicki and Anna appear and disappear. Matt arrives in a bad mood to ask Jeremy to switch sections.

At the party, Jeremy smokes weed with Matt and Jeremy reveals that he has been seeing things, but doesn't quite tell Matt that his dead sister is one of those things. Jeremy offers to give a drunk and high Matt a ride home, but he suddenly sees Vicki in the car, asking him for help, he says: "Vicki", which confuses Matt.


Jeremy tries to shake it off and turns on the headlights, but Anna is standing right there. Eventually, he decides it would be best to walk. When they get back, Matt asks Jeremy why he said Vicki's name - and realizes that earlier Jeremy had been seeing things. Jeremy admits that he keeps seeing Vicki, but Matt shrugs it off, saying that he always sees Vicki because he misses her so much.

Jeremy seeks the aid of Matt in The Hybrid to try and contact Vicki as he's her brother, which would allow a stronger connection. While they go through some of her things, Matt realizes he can't go through with it and asks Jeremy to leave. He had left a photo of him and his sister on a crate, and when he turned around again it was standing upright - not the position he had left it in.

File:Hyth (1).jpg

This leave Matt confused, and he goes back to Jeremy, where they ultimately try and make a connection. Vicki appears to Jeremy at first, telling her she can come back. Glass shatters as she leaves again, and Anna pops up, warning Jeremy not to trust Vicki.

File:Hyth (2).jpg

In the episode Disturbing Behavior, Jeremy makes a startling discovery, now being able to communicate with Anna better. She tells him more about "The Other Side", that communicating with him is sort of a "push and pull" situation, how lonely she is being all alone, and the darkness she keeps feeling when Jeremy mentions Vicki. She warns him again that he should not trust her, or "let her in".

Katherine reveals to Damon that she kidnapped Jeremy and placed him in the back of the trunk after she discovered his secret from Bonnie - he can see and communicate with ghosts. Pearl told Katherine she had heard of a vampire that could kill Klaus, but wouldn't share anything more. Katherine knew that she could only trust one other person with this information, and that was Anna.


As she was dead, the only person who could reach her was Jeremy. After Damon threatened to hurt Jeremy (and actually knocking his head against some wood), Anna quickly told Jeremy about Mikael, but warned him not to wake him. Jeremy and Katherine team up to find the tomb and finally come to stand before it. As Katherine opens the crypt, Mikael awakens.


Jeremy and Anna soon discover that they are able to touch hands to there delight. In Ghost World at the Mystic Grill.

Jeremy and Anna kiss in the restroom. Due to Bonnie's spell, Ghost are now visible to all. Elena walks in on them and berates the both of them. She yells at Anna which causes her to disappear. She tells Jeremy that she won't tell Bonnie because it is his job to. Elena tells Caroline of what happen and Caroline tells Bonnie. Bonnie is surprised and more intent on getting the necklace.


At The Illumination Night, Anna is accused of stealing the necklace, but Jeremy defends her. Later, Anna gives the necklace back and tells Jeremy that Elena is right and she is holding him back. Jeremy goes to the witch house and gives Bonnie the necklace to destroy. She is distraught and asks Jeremy to leave when he tries to explain himself. This leaves their relationship in question.


In The New Deal, Klaus almost kills Jeremy by compelling him to stand in front of a car. Elena fears for his safety. She has Damon compel Jeremy to go to Denver and forget Mystic Falls and not to think twice about coming back.

In Our Town, Jeremy is about to leave. Before being driven by Alaric to the airport, he says goodbye to his sister and Bonnie.


In The Murder of One, he is shown to Bonnie by Klaus over the phone, and threatens her to do the spell that will unlink all Originals. It seemed like Kol was tracking Jeremy.

In Heart of Darkness, Elena and Damon goes to Denver to pick Jeremy up. They use this ability to contact ghosts to speak to Rose about which vampire she was turned from in order to work out which bloodline Damon, Stefan, and Caroline where created from.

File:Jeremy baseball.jpg

Kol has been one of Jeremy's friends, Jeremy not knowing he is one of the Originals. Elena and Damon stay at Denver for sometime to find out what information Rose has for them. While speaking to Rose, he finds out that something is going on between Damon and Elena when Rose says, "Tell Damon that I'm rooting for him and Elena."

In Do Not Go Gentle, Jeremy and Matt go to rescue Elena from Alaric and Esther.

In The Departed, Jeremy tries to protect Elena from the dangers now happening by getting Matt to take her out of Mystic Falls. He later tells Stefan that he and Matt are getting Elena out of town. Before the episode ends, Alaric appears before him now as a ghost letting him know that he never has to be alone. He does not know yet that Elena is now a vampire.

Season FourEdit

In Growing Pains, Jeremy is understandably upset at the thought of Elena becoming a vampire, and asks her if she's started showing any physical signs of the transition yet. He also fully supports the idea of Bonnie tapping into dark magic to try to bring Elena back from the other side and restore her human self. He is with her when she attempts the dangerous move of crossing over to the other side to try to bring Elena back---he tries to wake her up, when he is finally successful, she informs him that her attempts had failed.


In Memorial, Jeremy and Matt are prepping for the memorial, where Matt asks Jeremy how Elena was coping, he tells him she was doing okay. Matt tells Jeremy that he will do anything to help make the process easier on Elena. Soon, their attention is drawn to April Young, who used to go to school with them, and who's father was Pastor Young. After the memorial, Jeremy is sitting at the Grill with Matt, when newcomer Conner Jordan arrives. Jeremy compliments him on his tattoo, but according to Matt, there was no tattoo to be seen. He and the rest of their friends take part in a small, private memorial for all those they had lost. He lights a lantern for his parents, Anna and Vicky and Alaric.


In The Rager, Jeremy is approached by Connor Jordan at school and speaks to him about the tattoo on his arm, reveals to him that only current hunter's and potential vampire hunters can only see it. Connor then offers to teach Jeremy the ways of hunting vampires. Soon after Jeremy goes to Connor's RV home to give him find clues to find out who are the towns vampire. Jeremy tell Connor to go talk to Meredith Fell. Connor does not realize that Jeremy set him up for a trap.

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In The Killer, Jeremy is followed to work by Connor, as Jeremy was placing cups on a shelf Connor put's a gun to his head and takes Jeremy as a hostage. Later Connor plans to use Jeremy as leverage for April and Matt to do what he wants. Further on in the episode Jeremy is shown trying to kill Connor multiple times, after Stefan saves Matt and April Connor spots Jeremy and pushes him onto a presaure pad that if he leaves it will blow, in between Elena saving everyone Jeremy is shot in the stomach then is saved by Stefan. At the end of the episode Jeremy gives April his bracelet and when looking at his hand he sees the start of the Hunter Mark.


In We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, Elena was seeing Connor in her hallucinations and stabs him in the neck, but it was actually Jeremy. She killed him, but he woke up since he was wearing the Gilbert Ring, and after asking Damon what happened, he told him it was a long story. He was later at school with Matt and told him that he was seeing the start of the Hunter Mark, but was interrupted by Shane and April. Later, Bonnie told him that there was a way to stop Elena's hallucinations, and it was by killing a vampire and activating the Hunter Mark. He offered to kill Damon, but he told him they'll get him one. Later, he killed Chris after Caroline agreed to go on a date with Klaus in return of one of his hybrids. Therefore, he activated the mark, and his hallucinations stopped.

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In My Brother's Keeper, Jeremy helps with the preparations for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. When Matt can't pick up a keg and Jeremy shows Matt that he can pick up two kegs, much to Matt's surprise. Jeremy explains that ever since he awakened as a Hunter, he's had all this energy all the time. Matt shares his concerns with Jeremy, telling him that he's going to want to kill vampires when he lives with one. Jeremy says that he would never hurt his sister and walks away, stating that he will be fine.

At the Gilbert House, Jeremy experiences a nightmare. He helps Elena put on her necklace but begins choking her with the necklace, after stating he wishes she would stop acting like she's his sister. Blood starts running down Elena's neck and Jeremy wakes up, holding up one hand to see a knife and a stake in the other with the Hunter's mark, a scared and confused look on his face.

The next day, Jeremy gets ready for the event and has told Matt about his nightmare. Matt says that it's the Hunters' mark and it's messing with him and threatens to tell Elena if he doesn't. Jeremy receives a message from Stefan a few seconds later, telling him to meet him in the Lockwood cellar and not to tell anyone.

Jeremy arrives at the cellar and asks Stefan what is he doing here. Stefan asks Jeremy if it's interested in the chance to make Elena human again, with Jeremy replying, "You have no idea." Stefan shows Jeremy a vampire, one that he turned earlier at the hospital. Stefan then cuts Jeremy's wrist and feeds his blood to the vampire. He rips the chains which hold the new vampire away from Jeremy and holds them. Stefan holds out a stake for Jeremy to handle. Jeremy asks what's wrong with Stefan and he threatens Jeremy to kill the vampire or he will let go of the chains. Jeremy kills the vampire, having no choice.

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Jeremy watches as his Hunters' mark grows and Stefan asks him how much did it grow. Jeremy states that he can't trust Stefan and Stefan asks him once again how much did the mark grow. Jeremy says he can't and Stefan says that Jeremy must answer him or he will make him answer. Stefan compels him to tell him what the mark looks like, and Jeremy then stakes Stefan in the stomach. Jeremy remarks that he guesses he can't be compelled anymore. He grabs his things and leaves the cellar.

Jeremy eventually arrives at the pageant and runs into April. April was his date to the pageant, but he didn't arrive and so she danced with Matt. Jeremy tells her that her father, and the Council, was doing the right thing for this town and they all died heroes. Jeremy walks past her, leaving April with a shocked look on her face.

In the Lockwood Mansion, Jeremy pushes one of his stakes into the palm of his hand. Elena enters, having seeing him, and asks him where has he been. She catches sight of what Jeremy is doing and asks him about it. Jeremy tells Elena that Connor was right - all he can think about is killing vampires. Elena states that he is nothing like Connor. Jeremy wants to believe that and he knows that he doesn't want to hurt Elena, but everything inside him is telling him to drive a stake through her heart.

Elena takes Jeremy's wrist and proceeds to tell him that she would never do anything to hurt him. Then she smells the blood on his hand and backs away. Veins start appearing and she tells Jeremy to get away from her. Jeremy walks towards Elena, but she turns around quickly and throws him to the ground. Elena pleads for him to wake up and he does, staking Elena in the nick with a hidden arm cuff stake. Just as Jeremy is about to finish her off, Matt enters the room and tells Jeremy that he doesn't want to do it, that it's the Hunters' mark.

Jeremy hesitates and it looks as if he's still going to stake Elena. Stefan then rushes into the room and holds Jeremy against the wall. At Stefan's orders, Matt takes Jeremy out of the room.

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At the Gilbert household, Jeremy is seen packing a bag. Matt enters and asks him what is he doing. Jeremy tells him that he can't keep living here if he wants to kill his sister. That's when Matt tells him that Elena knows it and that's why she asked him to move in with Jeremy. Jeremy is surprised by this news and Matt assures him that he's not one of them, that he will keep an eye on Jeremy on all the Hunter business.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Elena and Damion visit the Gilbert Summer House, where Jeremy is staying. He is cutting wood when they first arrive, and becomes very tense and hostile on noticing them. Bonnie comes out and asks him whether he trusts her, to which he replies I do and hands her the chopping axe he was holding.

When Elena tries to enter the house she is locked out (due to being uninvited)
, and Jeremy reluctantly lets her in, only to try and stake her a second later. He is stopped and Shane explains his ideas on giving Jeremy a choice between killing a vampire, and remembering who they really are, therefore trying to get him to recognise Elena as his sister. The method is unsuccessful, with Jeremy delivering a dark speech on why he wants to kill Elena before asking; "Did it work?" when he comes out of the trance.

Jeremy talks to Damon about his problem, before explaining how they are going to fix it; using Bonnie this time to repair his relationship with Elena by using her as the link. It is successful, as demonstrated by the way he hands Damon his stake and hungs Elena. He is later seen playing a game with his sister and Bonnie. Elena remarks to Damon about how happy she is to be about to treat him as her brother again.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jeremy is handsome, tall (6'), has a toned and muscular body. He has a short dark brown hair, and has brown eyes. At the beginning of the series, Jeremy is a teenager with no special features, confused and alone. He can be considered a cute guy with lean body in the first and second seasons. After becoming a hunter of brotherhood, Jeremy gets superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and a cold, calculating intelligence.


Jeremy was deeply affected by the loss of his parents and he deals with this through drinking and drugs. Once Vicki is staked by Stefan, Elena tells Damon to wipe his memory so he can forget about what he seen. This drastically changes Jeremy's personality: he no longer does drugs and he is more focused on his homework. However, Damon insists that all he did was take away his suffering.


That's how I feel a lot of the time alone. - Jeremy to Bonnie
I love her. I've always loved her. - Jeremy to Elena (about Anna)
Here’s the thing Jer. You’re going to go out of town for awhile. A long while. You’re going to stay with some nice family friends in Denver. You’re going to be at a new school and meet new girls, living girls. You’re going to drink a few beers, take an art class…you do whatever you want. You’re going to leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it. You’re going to have a better life Jeremy. - Damon to Jeremy
Don't give me some crap speech about how I have to be the man of the house. - Jeremy to Alaric
None of us are going to make it our of this town alive. - Jeremy to Elena and Damon


Vicki DonovanEdit

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Jeremy dated Vicki Donovan before the start of the series. He and Vicki commonly smoked and did drugs together. Vicki, for her troubled home life and Jeremy, because of the pain of losing his parents. Not much is known about their relationship before the start of the series. In Haunted, Jeremy and Vicki's relationship takes a drastic turn when, after she gets turned into a vampire, and she is forced to be apart from Jeremy, though she misses him and when she gets the chance, she texts him and asks him to come to the Halloween party their school was throwing. When he gets there, he and Elena are attacked by her and Stefan is forced to stake Vicki to save Elena's life. Jeremy is devastated by her death and wonders why everyone has to die on him.


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Jeremy Gilbert and Anna had a sweet start before Jeremy's revelation that he wanted to become a vampire like her. Anna was hurt that he wanted this for Vicki Donovan. However, she and Jeremy made up and began a romantic relationship. This, like Jeremy's relationship with Vicki, ended when she died.

Bonnie BennettEdit

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Jeremy started having romantic feelings for Bonnie after he started getting involved with helping to go after and kill Katherine. After spending more time together, Bonnie also developed romantic feelings for him. Their relationship lasted for a while until Jeremy started seeing the ghosts of his past girlfriends, mainly Anna. After having found out about him kissing Anna, their romantic relationship ended.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After being resurrected by Bonnie, Jeremy gained the ability to see ghosts. He is also able to see the 'invisible' tattoo on Connor's arm, which, according to Connor, means Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter (now fully a member of The Five).

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  • Hunter's Mark - This symbol is related to the vampire hunters, this mark, revealed by Rebekah is a map of were the cure to vampirism lies. Only a potential hunter can see the symbol. In the episode The Five, Connor reveals to Jeremy that every time he kills a vampire/hybrid the mark/tattoo expands, this later is shown in the episode.
  • Hunter's Curse - When a hunter is killed by a vampire, the vampire will be struck by horrifying hallucinations that will cause the vampire in question to kill them self. The only way to undo it is for whichever potential that was awakened by the death of the hunter in questioned kills a vampiric creature (whether a vampire or a hybrid).
  • Enhanced Strength - A vampire hunter of the brotherhood of the five, has superior strength to that of a human, but not the same level as a vampire. It is unknown if they are stronger than werewolves.
  • Compulsion Resistant - Members of the brotherhood of the five can not be efffected by vampire/hybrid compulsion
  • Enhanced Speed - Connor Jordon displayed enhanced speed and relaxes, at one point saying; 'I'm faster than the normal hunter.' As a member of The Five, it is assumed that Jeremy too gained these abilities. This is demonstrated in 'O' Come, All Ye Faithful' when he moves very quickly to try and stake Elena.




  • "Jeremy" is a variation from the Hebrew name "Jeremiah", who is one of the prophets of the Old Testament. The name means "Yahweh has uplifted". Jeremy has returned from the dead several times.


  • Jeremy is often called "Jer" by his family and friends.
  • Jeremy is the first male character seen in the show.
  • Though he is a primary character in the show, Jeremy does not exist in the novels. He is the only main character to exist on the show who does not exist in the books.
    • Instead of having a brother, Elena has a four-year-old sister named Margaret.
  • In Season 1, Jeremy dated two vampires (Vicki and Anna) who were killed in the final episodes of a chapter (Haunted and Founder's Day). They both appear to him as ghosts at the end of season two.
  • Alaric and Jeremy have had two couples who have become vampires and two have died.
    • Jeremy with Vicki and Anna
    • Alaric with Isobel and Jenna
  • Interestingly, both Jeremy and his ancestor Johnathan Gilbert were killed by Salvatores and came back to life thanks to the rings. Jeremy was killed by Damon and Johnathan was killed by Stefan.
  • Jeremy is so far the only character who has never mistook Katherine and Elena, and always correctly identified Katherine, though he has never actually seen them together.
  • Jeremy is the first human revived with magic and through the help of a witch (Bonnie).
  • He was the last character seen in Season Two.
  • Both the first and second seasons end with the Gilbert Household:
    • Season One: Elena enters the house and hears some noises from kitchen.
    • Season Two: After being revived by Bonnie's magic, Jeremy hears noises and discovers that Vicki and Anna are in the kitchen as ghosts.
  • Jeremy dies and is revived allot of times including in the second, third, and the fourth season.
    • Season Two: Damon kills Jeremy by snapping his neck and is revived by the Gilbert Ring.
    • Season Two: Katherine drains Jeremy's blood when he tries to get the moonstone from the vampire's tomb.
    • Season Two: Jeremy dies from a gunshot and is revived with magic by Bonnie.
    • Season Three: Katherine snapped his neck before the episode The Reckoning, but he was brought back with his ring.
    • Season Three: Bonnie uses his life to desiccate Klaus and brings him back with her magic.
    • Season Four: In the episode We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, Elena stabbed Jeremy in the neck and was brought back to life with his Gilbert Ring.He has blood relation with Elena Gilbert through John Gilbert by being his nephew and Elena being John's daughter.
  • Jeremy was the first human to kill a hybrid.
  • Jeremy was shown to have a dog in Denver, making him the first human on the show to have a pet.
  • While in Denver, Jeremy thinks he is friends with Kol, but comes to know that he is an Original when Damon and Elena visit him and Kol tells Jeremy that they are not "buds."
  • Jeremy can see all ghosts and not just Vicki and Anna.
  • Although Alaric first felt the negative effects of the Gilbert Ring after his fourth death. Even though Jeremy has now died the same amount of times, he has not felt any negative effects.
  • He and Matt are indirectly responsible for Elena becoming a vampire.
  • Apart from Elena/Damon/Stefan, he's the only character who appeared in every episode of Season One, except A Few Good Men. Once again during Season Four, he again appears in every episode so far, except one episode, We'll Always Have Bourbon Street.
  • Jeremy, along with Caroline, are the only characters besides the main three who have appeared in the most episodes.
  • Jeremy was the first human Elena healed with her vampire blood.
  • About same time Connor died, Jeremy got his tattoo.

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