Lilly Roberts
Name Lilly Roberts
Aliases Lil
Status Alive (32 years temporally displaced)
Classification Slayer/Human
Affiliation Slayer Organisation

Watchers Council

Notable powers Slayer's powers
Portrayed by  Taylor Momsen
ROBERTSON: "You cannot be the slayer and be a rock singer, slaying is your destiny it is impossible for you to run away form your duty."
LILLY: "That’s interesting, you see, I really don’t recall asking for your opinion…"
Patrick Robertson, Lilly's watcher, and Lilly discussing her destiny as a slayer.

Lilly Roberts was born to Claire and James Roberts, a working-class couple, on the 4th June 1959, in London, UK. On the 19th June 1974, at the age of 15 she became the slayer. Much to her watcher, Patrick Robertson,'s irritation, Lilly insisted on pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Eventually after she gained notoriety and begun touring, Robertson saw the advantage of the lifestyle as a way to find evil. She had a run of 7 years as slayer, a long run by most accounts, and died in 1981, aged 22.

At least that is the story. In fact, Lilly was transported to the future for an as-of-yet unknown reason by and as-of-yet unknown power. The only thing they do know is that it probably isn't for anything good.