"This isn’t how we planned to do this, I know, but this is where we are. Our commander is dead, that makes me acting commander; and I can’t promise the Abydos will be able to get take us home, but we came to stop the Daleks and this means coming up with a plan to take out the Cruciform. No one knows how many lives they’ve taken, billions, hundreds of billions, whatever comes after that, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is this; not one more. That’s what we can do today, it ends with us, today we bring the fight to them; on our own terms."
Orianna rallying her crew to take out the Cruciform.
Orianna Dantia
Other Names
Ori (by most people)
Commander Dantia (by colleagues)
Soldier (formerly)
Commander of the Abydos (formerly)
Koschei Dantia (father, deceased)

Vinessia Dantia (mother, deceased)
Thesia Nissana (maternal grandmother, deceased)

Doran Nissana (Maternal grandfather, deceased)
Galifreyan Millitary (formerly)
Cardiff Survivors
Current Location
Sailos Sea, Galifrey (formerly)
Cardiff, Wales, UK
Portrayed by

Orianna Nasteran Dantia was a time-lord, born to Vinessia Dantia and Koschei Dantia, who is more commonly known as The Master. When Orianna was younger, she and her mother did not know her father’s secondary identity. Her father was not around much when she was a child, and by the time they realised her father was also The Master it was already half-way through the Time War and both mother and daughter were at war. Orianna was a soldier during the Last Great Time War, originally serving in a platoon of about 13,000 ground soldiers defending the city of Arcadia. While over 90% of the platoon was killed in action that day, she survived the city’s fall.

Later she was reassigned to the flagship “Abydos” under a Commander Helenca. While Orianna was first officer of the Abydos, the ship was charged with the mission of taking out the Dalek Cruciform. The ship was nearly destroyed when it first attempted to strike the Cruciform, the blast killed just under half the crew, including the commander. This led to Orianna being promoted in-action as ranking officer. Orianna was forced to lead a group of people to infiltrate the Cruciform in order to take it out for good. Upon completing the mission, not without casualties, she was officially given command of the reconstructed Abydos. Toward the end of the war, before the Ultimate Sanction was decided on, the Galifreyan military endeavoured to evacuate of the civilians from the major cities.

Orianna evacuated 100 civilians form Olyesti , which by this time had been devastated by dalek attack. Only for her ship to crash land in prehistoric Earth, losing all hands; including herself. Innumerable years in the future, however, she was resurrected by The Master, at some point during the lost year where he ruled the earth. Because she was locked up on the Valliant at the time, her resurrection was not unwritten.