Pathokinesis is the ability to sense and change the emotions of the people around the user. 

Also CalledEdit

  • Advanced Empathy
  • Emotion Control
  • Emotional Control
  • Emotional Manipulation
  • Empathic Control
  • Empathic Manipulation
  • Induced Empathy
  • Pathokinesis
  • Pathomancy


Users can cause targets to feel uptight, scared, happy or relaxed: similar to Mind Control because it does influence thought process, but in a different manner, Mind Controllers are able to change people's thoughts, Emotion Manipulators are able to change the way someone perceives a thought. This versatile power may be used to make friends as a manner of Social Cloaking, or to enliven slacking allies. Potent emotions like love and loathing are more difficult to induce, but can be extremely useful. May be able to cause targets to laugh or cry uncontrollably, or may alter one's ability to feel any emotion.


  • User may only be able to effect one target at a time.
  • User may need to have contact with target to manipulate them.
  • User may have a limit on how much emotion one target may carry.
  • User may need to feel an emotion to give it.
  • Some applications may cause emotional backlash.
  • User may require absorbing the emotion they replace.
  • User may or may not be limited to specific emotions.
  • User are prone to headache when they have to increase the ability for too long
  • Require training to reduce chances of any side-effects and keep their emotion in check.
  • Users of Apathy are immune

Known Users

Jasper Hale