Claire watches pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to create, absorb and manipulate fire and heat. This is a common elemental power possessed by witches without the use or need of a spell.


The ability to control fire is a powerful and destructive one, not to be taken lightly. One with this power could produce vast amounts of fire, both for offensive attack and defense (fire walls for example) or for generating a light source. One could also manipulate heat, radiation, volcanic activity, spurts and blasts of flame and even lava or magma. Fire is commonly employed for total destruction purposes.


Fire can vary in intensity and flames, and such is the power. It is the ability to manipulate heat. It is a sub-element to fire.

Also CalledEdit

  • Agnikinesis
  • Firebending
  • Fire Release
  • Flame Control/Manipulation
  • Heat Control/Manipulation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Ignikinesis


  • Create, Absorb, Generate and/or Control/Manipulate Fire of various intensities.
    • Burn/melt objects such as ice or metal, as well as people.
    • cause burning pains and actual burns in others.
    • Create firestorms or fire-pits .
    • Release the fire in differing ways, including eyes or mouth; fireworks of varying power or explosions, fireballs, beams, strikes and/or weapons by surrounding their limbs or weapons in fire.
  • Fireproof Skin and/or Thermal Resistance both something you really will need.
  • Fly by projecting fire under one's self and/or by Jet Propulsion.
  • Pyrokinetic Constructs, including weapons, walls, armor or allies/servants.


  • Control is extremely important. Unconscious use of this power can be catastrophic.
  • May be limited to only the creation or manipulation of flame.
  • Fireproof Skin and/or Thermal Resistance isn't always part of the package, so burning yourself is possible.
  • Users can be overpowered by Water Manipulation, Water Generation, Ice Manipulation and/or Freezing.

Known UsersEdit